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Monday, June 1, 2009

Dibalik logo Urban Free Flow

The Glyph logo is a registered trademark of Urban Freeflow
Design/Concept by Jamie (Biomech) O’Rourke

The Parkour/Freerun glyph has become globally recognised as the one symbol to represent both disciplines and in a very short amount of time, has received unprecedented duty exposure worldwide. Here’s a breakdown as to what it all means….

Based on Eastern symbology and inspired by ancient and fictional hieroglyphics, the Parkour/Freerun glyph depicts balance, equality, stability, control and simplicity. Also employing Hindu and Taoist beliefs, the Parkour/Freerun glyph characterises four segments, or stages that are used to represent the four seasons and the transition from awakening, through self improvement and proficiency, to self awareness.

Initially divided vertically into two halves to denote height and ambition, the glyph can be seen to represent the two divisions of Parkour/Freerun; technical ability and philosophy.

Representing ability (1), we envisage a traceur or freerunner as they make their way over an obstacle in their path. Succeeding ability comes self awareness (2). Denoting this we see the sun as it rises beginning a new day.

The Glyph can be further divided as follows…

A. (Spring) Representing the birth of a traceur/freerunner as they discover the art of movement.

B. (Summer) Depicted by the sun, the practitioner grows both physically and mentally as they begin to find their ‘way’.

C. (Autumn) Symbolised by linear water. The practitioners abilities increase and movements begin to flow, whilst remaining 100% focused at all times.

D. (Winter) The practitioner reaches a certain level of proficiency in the search of perfection and as the cold weather looms, a period of reflection is entered before the start of a new cycle.

Arti dari logo UrbanFreeFlow...

Glyph yang selanjutnya dapat dibagi sebagai berikut ...

A. (Spring) Merupakan kelahiran traceur / freerunner karena menemukan seni gerakan.

B. (Summer) digambarkan oleh matahari, praktisi yang tumbuh baik secara fisik maupun mental karena mereka mulai menemukan 'jalan'.

C. (Autumn) dilambangkan oleh linear air. Praktisi yang meningkatkan kemampuan dan gerakan mulai mengalir, sementara sisanya 100% difokuskan setiap saat.

D. (Winter) Para praktisi mencapai tingkat tertentu dalam pencarian proficiency dari kesempurnaan dan sebagai looms cuaca dingin, masa refleksi yang dimasukkan sebelum memulai siklus baru.

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